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You will find relevant and practical advice on the tools available, how to write for the web and how to promote your site on the web and get more traffic.


The most Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have a question, a problem, or you simply want to know more about SimpleDifferent all gathered in a few pages.

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Write for the web. 

This site will give you a method for answering the questions that your readers will be asking. It is a guide about writing and organizing the content of your website in a way that is friendly for both your readers and for Google. You will also find guideline for testing your website to make sure it serves your reader's needs. 


Features of SimpleDifferent Pro sites

This site is an explanation of the features found in Pro sites. It is intended as a guide to help users decide if the features of Pro sites are something that would help them create and maintain their website. 

> All of the features that are available on Pro sites.

> Visit the character font demonstration site.


Promote your website.

The promote site will teach you how to get your site known. Here you will learn the same tips that professionals use to promote websites and get more traffic. You can also read about optimizing your site for your readers and for search engines. 


Choose a domain name for your website

This site will offer you some practical advice on how to choose a good domain name for your website. Every SimpleDifferent site comes with a free domain name that ends in Pro sites are also able to use their own domain names.


Tools Guide

The SimpleDifferent tools guide is a comprehensive guide to all of the website creation features and functions that are offered by SimpleDifferent. We pride ourselves in the tools being easy to use and not needing a guide. But just in case you need a bit of extra help the tools guide is here to help you. 

> About the functions and features of SimpleDifferent.


Google Analytics to collect traffic statistics 

Google Analytics will give detailed statistics about how many people are coming to your website, where they are coming from, and much much more. These statistics will allow you to customize your website in order to best serve your readers needs. 


E-commerce solutions for your website

Pro sites are able to integrate Paypal into their websites to sell single or multiple items or to collect donations. This guide will help you along the path of deciding what solution is right for you and implementing it into your Pro site.


Provide files that your readers can download

If you would like to provide downloadable files for your users, this handy guide will show you how. You will learn how to make a link to files so that you can give your readers files such as photos, music files, videos, or documents and .pdf files. 


Create a website from and for iPad - iPhone - Android devices

Not only does SimpleDifferent build websites that display well on mobile devices, you can also actually use the website builder from these devices...


How to approach the translation of your site

The translation guide offers practical tips and advice on how to duplicate your Pro site for translation and how to manage the translation of your site in to the languages that will best serve your readers. 

> Read our guide on how to duplicate your site and manage nicely its translation.


Inspiration & our Facebook page

Sites made by real SimpleDifferent users. The sites featured here are made by non professional users and showcase users creativity and how the SimpleDIfferent tools can be use to make well organized site that also look great.
> Check the sites featured on our Facebook page


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